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about me

Height: 5"3   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

Bust: 40   |   Waist: 34   |   Hips: 44    |   Dress: 14    |   Shoe: 9



The Seagull | Principal | Actor's Lab at BU

Top Girls | Principal | Actor's Lab at BU


Uncanny Harbor | Supporting | Crashland Pictures

Everything Must Go | Principal | Actor's Lab at BU 

The Truck | Principal | Actor's Lab at BU 

Uninvited | Principal | URI

I'll Be There... | Principal | VCJG Productions


Clown Shank | Supporting | Parabolic Entertainment, LLC


Last Friday Night | Principal | A Comm 331 Production    


Moliere's Pretentious Young Ladies | Supporting | UM Amherst, MA 

Falkland Road | Principal | UM Amherst, MA 

Solution to Saturday's Puzzle | Principal | UM Amherst, MA 

The Vagina Monologues | Supporting | Bowker Auditorium, MA 

Solstice | Supporting | The Curtain Theater, MA 

Seven Scenes of Love and Anguish | Supporting | UM Amherst, MA 

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus | Supporting | UM Renaissance CTR, MA 

From Milford to Mexico | Supporting | UM Amherst, MA

Happily Never After | Principal | USM Theatre Academy, ME 


Boston Properties | Featured | Atlantic Pictures

Harvard Club Boston | Featured | Ever & Oak


Liberty Mutual | Featured | Koncept VR

Nova Idea | Featured | IWCTV

Seacoast Volkswagen | Featured | Birch Hill Media Productions

Training & Workshops

Boston Casting | Acting for Commercials | Ann Baker​


CP Casting | Advanced Auditioning/ TV & Film | Kyle Crand

CP Casting | Auditioning/ TV & Film | Kyle Crand

UMASS Amherst | Acting Gina Kaufman

 UMASS Amherst Ensemble Acting Gilbert MacCauley

UMASS Amherst Beginning Voice/Singing William Hite

UMASS Amherst Beginning Voice/Actor Julie Nelson

UMASS Amherst Clown for Actors Julie Nelson

UMASS Amherst Stage Movement Milan Dragicevich

UMASS Amherst Modern Dance for Non-Majors Jonalyn Bradshaw

UMASS Amherst Intro to Dance for Musical Theatre Simone Shenney

University of Southern Maine Musical Theatre Wil Kilroy

Special Skills

Dialect: Irish, Dialect: British/Standard Pronunciation, Singing (Mezzo), Swimming, Cycling, Ice Skating, Familiar with Dance

Copy of Resume Available on Request
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